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All Lansdale products are established diminishing source technologies that have been discontinued by the major manufacturers but are still needed to support spares requirements and manufacturing of mature designs. These lines are purchased directly from the original manufacturer. Lansdale is sole source on over 850 products.

From the beginning, Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., has specialized in aftermarket technology manufacturing and supplies for discontinued semiconductors and integrated circuits. Lansdale has the technical expertise to manufacture, supply and support, the discontinued integrated circuits and semiconductor aftermarket.

We are dedicated to that goal, assuring the customer base that older discontinued semiconductor, RF and other intergrated circuit technology product supplies will continue to be available. As technology advances, Lansdale Semiconductor is also keeping an eye on the future. As product life cycles become shorter, more programs are placed at risk by obsolete and discontinued integrated circuits supplies.

Lansdale serves two vital functions by purchasing discontinued integrated circuit and semicondcutor product lines. We allow the original manufacturer to divest itself of a product it can no longer support. It also offers users of that product the opportunity to keep their programs intact without costly redesign. As long as customers need to maintain older systems, Lansdale Semiconductor will be there to manufacture and supply the discontinued semiconductor technology critical to their success.

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from the president

After manufacturing mission-critical, hi-rel military and commercial semiconductors for over 40 years, Lansdale Semiconductor has expanded its product offerings by manufacturing some of the electronic component industry’s most popular, and in demand, ...

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RoHS compliance

Certificate of Compliance - ROHS and REACH Declaration by Lansdale Semiconductor, IncStatement on the use of Conflict Metals by Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc Due to increased environmental concerns around the world, semiconductor and electronic ...

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