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Lansdale was founded in 1964 when Edward Pincus purchased Philco-Ford's Germanium small-signal transistor line. In 1976, Lansdale acquired Motorola's Germanium power transistor line and moved from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, to Arizona.

Through the following years, the company purchased additional product lines, including the first bipolar digital integrated circuit line from Raytheon and SUHL, DTL and TTL lines from Motorola and Signetics. A bipolar wafer fabrication facility in Santa Monica, California, was added in 1984, allowing the company to expand its manufacturing capability in standard and custom integrated circuits. In 1986, the Germanium transistor lines were sold, and Lansdale dedicated itself to producing integrated circuits.

In 1987, Lansdale was purchased by then-company president R. Dale Lillard. Since then, Lansdale has added product from AMD, Fairchild, Freescale, Harris and Intel to the lines it supports. The company expanded its support of Motorola products by acquiring DTL, HTL, Linear, RTL and more TTL lines in 1991. It also increased its Signetics (now Philips) offerings by acquiring over 600 new parts, including both military and commercial product, in 1992. The new sole-sourced commercial product facilitated Lansdale's expansion into plastic packaging and the commercial marketplace.

To improve its ability to support its customers, Lansdale built a new wafer fabrication facility in Tempe, Arizona, in 1994, closing the Santa Monica facility, and became a QPL manufacturer, transitioning to QML in 1996. The QML plan was modified to allow Lansdale to list its parts regardless of whether the die was fabricated by Lansdale or by the original manufacturer.

In February 2000, Lansdale sold its wafer fab to Primarion, with an agreement for continuing support for foundry services.1 This allowed Lansdale to expand its support of older-technology product lines. Since then, Lansdale has acquired the rights to the Philips bipolar PROM family as well as additional Motorola (now Freescale) products, which have introduced Lansdale to the wireless and RF communications commercial marketplace.

1In 2002, Primarion sold the wafer fab to Panjit Americas LTD with corporate offices in Taiwan.

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