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Lansdale Semiconductor still manufactures some of the most popular…and timeless commercial wireless, telecommunications, military and aerospace integrated circuits (IC’s) classic designs.

As a global pioneer in IC products life cycle management, Lansdale manufactures over 3,000 classic design ICs in the original package, exactly as they were created and produced by AMD, Fairchild, Freescale Semiconductor, Harris, Intel, Motorola, National, Philips (formerly Signetics), and Raytheon.

Our exclusive life cycle management program assures you of a dependable, continuous, cost effective, and high quality source of classic designed IC’s today…and tomorrow.

This means Lansdale eliminates the need to go to the time or expense of designing in a replacement part or even doing a complete product redesign – not when we still make ‘em …exactly like they used to.

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

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After manufacturing mission-critical, hi-rel military and commercial semiconductors for over 40 years, Lansdale Semiconductor has expanded its product offerings by manufacturing some of the electronic component industry’s most popular, and in demand, ...

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RoHS compliance

Certificate of Compliance - ROHS and REACH Declaration by Lansdale Semiconductor, IncStatement on the use of Conflict Metals by Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc Due to increased environmental concerns around the world, semiconductor and electronic ...

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