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Lansdale Introduces Commercial ML7406


by John Redding

    TEMPE, ARIZONA - Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. recently announced the introduction of the commercial version of the ML7406, Hex, Inverter Buffers/Drivers. Lansdale acquired the exlcusive license to manufacture and market the ML7406 from Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector in Phoenix.

    This monolithic, hex inverter, buffers/drivers feature high-voltage open-collector outputs for interfacing with high-level circuits, such as MOS, or for driving high current loads, such as lamps and relays to 40mA. The typical propagation (tPLH) is 10us. The 7406 has minimum breakdown voltages of 30V. Inputs come with clamping diodes and are fully compatible with all commercial TTL circuits. Parts are available in plastic dip or SOIC packaging, priced at $1.25 each in quantities of 1000 units.

    "With their unique voltage current and speed capabilities, these buffers/drivers have not been effectively obsoleted by new, leading- edge technologies." stated Lansdale President R. Dale Lillard.

    Based in Tempe, Arizona, Lansdale is a worldwide leader in the semiconductor aftermarket, IC fabrication industry. Over 2,500 OEM discontinued commercial, military and telecommunication ICs are produced at the company's own 28,000 sq. ft. Class 100 wafer foundry. The company also manufactures a large selection of electronic components formerly produced by Motorola, Intel, Philips/Signetics, Raytheon, Western Digital, and others.

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