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Lansdale Continues to Manufacture Timeless IC Designs


Today’s Wireless Technology Tomorrow

Tempe, Ariz. -- Lansdale Semiconductor Inc., a leading manufacturer of “semiconductor aftermarket” Integrated Circuits (ICs), has received 77 Radio Frequency/Intermediate Frequency (RF/IF) devices transferred from Freescale Semiconductor for the wireless and RF communications market. These RF/IF devices support both existing and new designs, including applications that are environmentally sensitive and require the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) or (Pb)Lead-Free products.

As the semiconductor aftermarket pioneer, Lansdale extends the product life cycle by manufacturing electronic components that the original manufacturers no longer produce. Lansdale Semiconductor offers a complete line of wireless products that includes phase lock loops, frequency synthesizers, prescalers, VCOs, mixers, and amplifiers. With this latest transfer from Freescale and over 40 years of supporting the “semiconductor aftermarket”, Lansdale is ready to continue to support these wireless products.

This latest transfer includes the ML145170, a single-chip CMOS radio communications frequency synthesizer supplied by Freescale as the MC145170. This particular device has been an industry standard since the early 1990s in applications such as base stations, remote meter reading, and instrumentation, and has a reputation for quality, application diversity, and ease of use.

The ML145170 is a single-chip synthesizer capable of direct use in the MF, HF, and VHF bands. A special architecture in which either a bit or byte-oriented format may be used makes this frequency synthesizer the easiest to program in the industry. With its patented BitGrabberE registers, no address/steering bits are required for random access of the three registers so tuning can be accomplished via a 2-byte serial transfer to the 16-bit N register.

Other notable features include a low operating supply current (useful in wireless applications where size and power consumption are critical, including two way radios, communication receivers, and wireless industrial controls) and a patented jam load feature that prevents erroneous data from being loaded into the counters and improves lock times.

In addition to the ML145170, other commonly used devices like the ML13155 wideband FM detector and ML13150 narrowband detector demonstrate the versatility and functionality of Lansdale’s wireless product line. These specific devices offer expanded functionality for applications including cellular, cordless phones, satellite TV, and other FM radio applications.

With a strong engineering and manufacturing background, Lansdale can manage the manufacturing process to create a seamless transition for the customer from the original manufacturer’s part to the Lansdale part. By offering “same as” quality and packaging at a competitive cost as an ongoing source of supply, Lansdale eliminates the need for a redesign, for purchasing excess inventory from brokers, or for placing a lifetime buy through the original manufacturer.

As a manufacturer, Lansdale can also make changes where necessary. While not supported when the parts were originally manufactured, environmental concerns and government regulations are making (Pb)Lead-Free or “GREEN” products necessary. Lansdale is committed to support all of the products recently transferred from Motorola and Freescale in both Green (Pb free) and Pb solder-plated lead finishes. Lansdale will distinguish between Green (Pb free) and Pb solder-plated lead finishes with the part numbers for the Pb free product having a new “MLE” prefix, with the “E” designating Pb free.

Because Lansdale recognizes that there are customers who do not sell into the European Union or Japan and/or do not require Pb free product, Lansdale has decided to continue to supply the Pb solder-plated product for the customers who prefer it. Lansdale believes the Pb free lead finish (100% Sn) should be compatible with Pb solders, but that is a customer decision. There is no additional charge for Pb free or RoHS compliant product.

About Lansdale:

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., specializes in the manufacturing of dependable, high quality ICs that have been transferred to Lansdale by the original manufacturer. They purchase product lines from major semiconductor manufacturers, so they can continue to supply today’s technology for tomorrow. Based in Tempe, Ariz., U.S.A., they are the semiconductor aftermarket pioneer, offering a continuing manufacturing source of commercial, military, aerospace, wireless, and telecommunication integrated circuits.

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., manufactures over 2,500 ICs – suitable for existing, new, and custom applications – that were originally designed and manufactured by AMD, Fairchild, Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola SPS), Harris, Intel, National, Philips (formerly Signetics), and Raytheon. Lansdale is certified and approved by the Department of Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC) as a Qualified Manufacturer (QM) under the MIL-PRF-38535 Qualified Manufacturing List (QML), as well as being an ISO 9000/2000 qualified supplier.

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