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Lansdale Only Aftermarket IC Fab To Receive Two DSCC Certifications


by John Redding

TEMPE, ARIZONA - Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. President R. Dale Lillard, recently announced two certifications of approval by the Defense Electronics Supply Center (DESC), Dayton, Ohio, the result of an on- going January 1996 quality certification audit. Lansdale is the only military integrated, circuit (IC) aftermarket fabrication (fab) company approved for both MIL-PRT 38535 and ISO 9002.

"As more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) discontinue their military electronic product component lines to support todays commercial market demand, the need to supply the Department of Defense (DOD) with Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) older IC technology aftermarket replacement products is becoming a critical procurement issue." according Lillard.

In response to the rapidly increasing aftermarket product demand created by the continued IC obsolescence dilemma, Lansdale is certified to fabricate discontinued product lines to OEM quality, performance and reliability standards for the commercial, military and telecommunication industries. This latest dual certification enables Lansdale to support current modifications to MIL-PRT 38535 by manufacturing compliant products using commercial dies with exacting traceability for obsolete military IC fab orders.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Lansdale is a worldwide leader in the semiconductor aftermarket IC fabrication industry. Over 2,500 OEM discontinued commercial, military and telecommunication IC's are produced at the company's own 28,000 sq. ft. Class 100 wafer foundry. The company also manufactures a large selection of electronic components formerly produced by Motorola, Intel, Philips/Signetics, Raytheon, Western Digital, and others.

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