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Motorola Transfers all Military Chip Technologies to Lansdale


by John Redding

    TEMPE, ARIZONA - June 1999 - Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector in Phoenix, has permanently abandoned the multi-billion dollar world-wide military market. The electronic chip making giant will immediately transfer the rights to all of its military product lines to Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., Tempe. "Our company will be the only semiconductor manufacturer and supplier for Motorola's discontinued military and aerospace integrated circuits (ICs)," according to Lansdale president, R. Dale Lillard. After two years of negotiations, the product lines acquisition contract was signed by Lansdale and Motorola in Phoenix. Under terms of the agreement, Lansdale now holds manufacturing and marketing rights to the military IC devices originally designed and produced by Motorola. As a result of this latest acquisition by Lansdale, Lillard predicted a sizable military order increase, but declined to forecast anticipated sales volumes. The company has already added two shifts at its Class 100 bipolar wafer fabrication (fab) facility in Tempe to meet present business and future military IC production demands.

    Included in the military technology rights transfer to Lansdale are 197 MECL10K, MGCMOS-Metalgate CMOS, PLL, TTL, MECL10KH, ECLinPS and Analog IC devices with 369 package types. "The acquisition and transfer of these technologies will give the Department of Defense (DOD) and its contractors an ongoing source of supply for the exact Mil-Spec IC devices that are already designed into critical hardware applications, and further displays Lansdale's continued commitment to the U.S. military," stated Lillard. Lansdale is certified and approved by the Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC), as Qualified Manufacturer (QM) under MIL-PRF-38535 Qualified Manufacturing Listing (QML) of over 1,000 Joint Army Navy (JAN) and Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMD) ICs. The company is also approved and certified for ISO9002 and working towards QS9000 certification.

    Headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., Lansdale has been an industry pioneer in the semiconductor aftermarket since the company's founding in 1964. It manufactures, stocks, and markets a large selection of IC product lines originally designed and produced by AMD, Fairchild, Harris, Intel, Motorola, Philips/Signetics, and Raytheon.

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