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Motorola Names Lansdale Sole Source For Popular IC Series


by John Redding

    TEMPE, ARIZONA - To support Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector's (SPS) world-wide customer base as the company continues to downsize its semiconductor fabrication (fab) business, and obsoleting more product lines, Motorola SPS in Phoenix has agreed to transfer to Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., the MC12000 Series which includes the 12002, 12009, 12011, 120113, 12040, and 12061 integrated circuits (ICs). According to Lansdale president, R. Dale Lillard, "Motorola SPS has transferred the MC12000 phase-locked loop (PLL) series to Lansdale effective immediately. Under the terms of this product acquisition agreement, Lansdale becomes the sole source semiconductor aftermarket supplier of the MC12000 line. The popular array of MC12000 IC devices was originally designed and manufactured by Motorola SPS for both commercial and military applications to perform phase-locked loop functions, and includes phase detectors, dividers, and oscillators," stated Lillard.

    Since 1985, Motorola has transferred over 1,500 obsolete and end-of-life (EOL) ICs to Lansdale. This assures Motorola's customers an on-going supply of mature, but still in demand, ICs for numerous applications. All products transferred to Lansdale are manufactured under the electronic component industry's most strict quality controls, meeting Motorola's original design specifications and high performance standards. Lansdale is an ISO 9002 and QML 38535 manufacturer.

    Based in Tempe, Ariz., Lansdale is an industry pioneer and continues to be a leading supplier in the commercial, military, aerospace, and telecommunications semiconductor aftermarket. The company manufactures, stocks, and markets a large selection of end-of-life originally designed ICs and produced by global industry giants such as AMD, Fairchild, Harris, Intel, Motorola, Philips and Raytheon.

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