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Lansdale Unveils 600 QML Military IC's


Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc - President, R. Dale Lillard, announces that the Defense Supply Center, Columbus, (DSCC) has reviewed and approved the company's die evaluation requirements as part of Lansdale's Qualified Manufacturer (QM) plan under MIL-PRF-38535 Qualified Manufacturing Listing (QML). The approval includes over 600 QML part one products and DMS capability listings for military device types to SMD, and QML, specifications. This certification is the largest QML DMS product listing approval by DSCC to date.

"With Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector in Phoenix and other U.S. electronic device manufacturers exiting the military chip-making business, Lansdale has now become the largest supplier of obsolete Diminishing QML certification and 600 product unveiling demonstrates our company's continued dedication total resource commitment and qualified wafer fabrication (fab) processing capabilities to supply DMS product devices in the on-going support of all Department of Defense (DOD) critical long-life programs at the present and in the future for specific military device type specifications." said Lansdale spokesman, Lee Mathiesen, Quality Assurance Manager.

Lansdale will be listed as a DMS company certified by the DSCC to supply QML product from the company's own manufacturing and existing large die inventory and any die that is commercially available from major manufacturers such as Intel, Motorola, and Philips/Signetics. Included in the first listings are the MECL-10K, 5400, 54H, 54S, 54LS, 8080A and peripherals in all package types. Lansdale is also the only military IC aftermarket fab approved for both MIL-PRF 38535 and ISO 9002.

There are currently numerous military systems still being produced and supported today, AWACS and AEGIS as examples, that use DMS electronic replacement IC devices. With Lansdale's QML certification, the company now offers its military customers the preferred and proven procurement option to use existing designs and IC devices, substantially reducing the traditional risks associated with emulation and inherent costly redesign. All of Lansdale's families of QML products are equivalents to the original device and are marked using the JAN/SMD part number for easy procurement.

Military semiconductors are a very small percentage of today's IC manufacturers chip-making business. With the market decreasing and the high volume military chip orders non-existent, the leading chip companies are abandoning the military to satisfy the large volume commercial industry product demands creating a void for verified high performance devices assured and tested to meet the stringent military environments. This exit creates an excellent opportunity for Lansdale who specializes in manufacturing QML replacement IC's for aging, but critical long life defense applications to meet or exceed original design and product requirements. Military semiconductors share of all electronic component sales has been declining steadily. In 1986, 5.7 percent of all semiconductors were military chips. Industry market research projects a decrease of sales to < 2.0 percent in 1998. "Our company is in the position to provide an on-going supply of QML military replacement parts which will eliminate the existing DMS procurement dilemma." stated Lillard.

Based in Tempe, Ariz. Lansdale has been a global leader in the semiconductor aftermarket industry since its founding in 1964. Lansdale stocks and manufactures a large selection of electronic devices formerly designed and produced by AMD, Fairchild, Harris, Intel, Motorola, Philips/Signetics, Raytheon and Western Digital.

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