Business Concept

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. specializes in Integrated Circuits (ICs) and is a semiconductor aftermarket company, a term coined by Lansdale to describe our business niche. We purchase product lines from major semiconductor manufacturers and continue to supply the products for the manufacture of mature systems and the maintenance of spares.

As semiconductor manufacturers develop more complex products, processes and manufacturing equipment, the life cycles of the products become shorter. This, combined with the lengthy design, qualification and procurement cycle of complex electronics systems, is forcing contractors into expensive redesigns and end-of-life buys. We believe our strategy of purchasing these lines and continuing to support them is of great benefit to our customers, by reducing end-of-life buys and preventing unnecessary redesigns caused by lack of product.

Lansdale is well known for its commitment to these older technologies. We have demonstrated our ability to negotiate the purchase of product lines, manufacture these lines using the original tools and develop lines of our own when they are not available for purchase. We are in a unique position to help the diminishing source problem.